Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1st Global Nail Cup Malaysia 2013 - Our Winners are....

Very proud of our Ecsalonce babies ! They clinched a few student awards for the 1st Global Nail Cup in Malaysia !
Acrylic French Stilletto Student - 1st Place (Phyllis Wong)
Acrylic French Sculpture Student - 1st Place (Sophia Soh)
Gel French Sculpture Student - 2nd Place (Sophia Soh)
Gel Manicure Student - 2nd Place (Phyllis Wong)
3D Nail Art Student - 2nd Place (Sophia Soh)
3D Nail Art Student - 3rd Place (Phyllis Wong)
Also a big Congratulations to our educator Erica Chan for taking 1st Place Div2 Poster Toes


And for the rest of our students who competed in a global competition for the first time, we are also very proud of your spirit and effort. Taking the first step to compete already make you a special winner. Do continue to strive to perfect your art and develop your strength. Keep up the good work and never give up !

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