Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Student Poster Work

The standard for this year's poster competition was mind blowing. There were more than 60 entries for hands and over 30 entries for toes from all over the world. These are some of our students' work and some of them have entered Top 10. A huge congratulations for their effort and courage to challenge themselves to create these beautiful posters.

1st Global Nail Cup Malaysia 2013 - Our Winners are....

Very proud of our Ecsalonce babies ! They clinched a few student awards for the 1st Global Nail Cup in Malaysia !
Acrylic French Stilletto Student - 1st Place (Phyllis Wong)
Acrylic French Sculpture Student - 1st Place (Sophia Soh)
Gel French Sculpture Student - 2nd Place (Sophia Soh)
Gel Manicure Student - 2nd Place (Phyllis Wong)
3D Nail Art Student - 2nd Place (Sophia Soh)
3D Nail Art Student - 3rd Place (Phyllis Wong)
Also a big Congratulations to our educator Erica Chan for taking 1st Place Div2 Poster Toes


And for the rest of our students who competed in a global competition for the first time, we are also very proud of your spirit and effort. Taking the first step to compete already make you a special winner. Do continue to strive to perfect your art and develop your strength. Keep up the good work and never give up !